Ten Speed Taxi is:

Doug Schatz, Guitar and Vocals

Phil Neisser, Drums

Mike Magilligan, Bass


We are currently hard at work in the NCPR studio recording a pile of our new tunes (thanks to awesome engineer Joel Hurd). In the meantime you can go to iTunes or Amazon to buy songs from Spinning, the CD we made back when Dan was in the band, but keep in mind we do sound somewhat different now.


Dear Music Lovers,
  Doug and I are reeling from the news that our great bass player and friend Mike Magilligan is about to move to NYC. Mike does, however, plan to come back to the North Country sometimes to play shows, so we are thankful for that. And we're excited for Mike, who has a spanking new job at Fordham University. Congratulations Mike!
  As you might know, Mike now plays in no fewer that 3 bands: Ten Speed Taxi (us), A Fine Line (jazz with Bill Vitek and Dan Gagliardi), and Odis (original jazzy folk Americana with Allan Cox and Andre Mount). So... in a very special show this Saturday (the 13th) all three bands are going to play (of course for some songs we will play without Mike, so he can mingle). The venue is the Parkview above the Blackbird in Canton, and the time is 7:00 to 10:00. Please join us if you can.
  Yours, Phil